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do you ever get that horrible feeling in your stomach because you can’t imagine anyone ever falling in love with you and wanting to spend the rest of their life with you

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 Anonymous asked: "Do you think Sam suspects that Dean and Cas's bond may not be platonic?"


I think this series of gifs quite covers it, but just for shits and giggles I’ll discuss structured dialogue as well.  From 8x16:

What did he say to you?

This wasn’t the first time he escaped that mountain, and that you let him go free as long as you could hide your little tryst from the old man.

The hell he said. His brain is mush.

Oh, yeah? Then how did I know? What, have you spilled it to anyone? Homer? Hesiod? Herodotus? Of course not. You were afraid big daddy would find out that you fell for the person he hates most in this world. Of course, when he saw the zombie article, it kind of forced your hand, and you had to come hunt him down no matter how much it hurt. You know what? Go ahead. Kill us. And let your father slaughter that boy. Over and over again. That won’t leave a mark.

— Same ep, later after Artemis was proven to love Prometheus

Well, here’s to that crazy little wild card called love. [He hands a burger to SAM.] How did you know Artemis had the hots for Prometheus, anyway?

Intuition. Uh… luck.

There was no “luck”.  Sam had witnessed her behavior before.  He has to witness it every damn day.  Because “Sam knows”.  This kind of structural dialogue isn’t isolated.  We see it again in 9x07:

She’s a ghost. Timmy, because she can’t move on, she’s going crazy. Okay? You got to let her go. You’ll be okay.

SAM gasps in pain.

DEAN (continues)
Listen to me. Sometimes you got to do what’s best for you, even if it’s gonna hurt the ones you love.

TIMMY adjusts his glasses, stands up, and says in a tremulous voice
Mommy… Stop it.

Timmy, Kung Fu grip!

TIMMY (in a louder, stronger voice)
Mommy, stop it! Stop hurting people!

DEAN and SAM both gasp in relief as GHOST MOM lets them go. She turns to face TIMMY, and holds her arms out to him.

TIMMY (continues)
You have to go. Never come back. I’ll be okay. I promise.

GHOST MOM’s ghostly essence peels off, leaving GHOST MOM looking whole and human, smiling tearfully at her son as she holds her arms out to him.

TIMMY (continues)
I love you, too.

— Then later…

Hey, h-how did you know Timmy asking his mom to leave was gonna work?

I didn’t. Total hail Mary. Got lucky.

You just got lucky?

DEAN nods.

Sam knew what to say in 8x16 and Dean knew what to say in 9x07. Why?  There was no “luck”.  The “C” plot reflects the “B” plot. Structurally speaking, Dean is in love with Cas and Sam needs a “kung fu grip” to make the codependency that is (literally in 9x07) strangling them to “let go”. Both through structural dialogue and the constant “Sam reaction shot” from Dean/Cas interaction, SPN has let us know that “Sam knows”.


 #look at how they’re staring at each other. how they’re standing. how that camera zooms out! #i mean. what are the actors. the directors. the writers doing?

Um, hey Jensen and Misha? Yeah, we’re going to do that scene where you guys just look at each other for a while. Just — don’t worry about it, it’ll all make sense in a couple seasons. Misha, we just need for you to look at Dean like you’re heart is breaking, and every single second you’re not helping him is like shoving needles in your eyes. Jensen, you look at Misha like if this was a different place and time, you would want nothing more than to grab Castiel’s dirty, stupid trench coat and rip it off his body to see what it’s hidi—- Or, uh. Something like that.

Look, we’re going to play My Heart Will Go On in the background, to set the mood. No, don’t worry, it’s fine. This will all make sense eventually.

Oh, you guys don’t have a problem with playing a gay character, right?

Okay, just making sure.

Glad we’re all on the same page.

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No but seriously we NEED Stan Lee on Supernatural. Someone get on this! 

I love how everyone who meets Misha thinks he has the power to get them on the show (because most stars with such a loyal fanbase would have that power)

but in reality Misha gets letters from the CW execs addressed to Ms. Collins and has to wait longer than anyone to find out if his contract is being renewed

Do they call him Ms. Collins? Or his wife?


They call him Ms. Collins.

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The fact that the photo Sam’s looking at and smiling






*same clothes, bobby’s house, beers and food on the table*


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I know you have the King’s best interests at heart. I only wish you’d believe that I do, too.

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So the behind the scenes ‘documentary’ was pretty awesome. How much input did you and Jared have into creating your ‘characters’ for it?

Jensen: ”You mean other than Misha says, ‘you’re going to be a tofu eating yoga master’, and I’m like ‘Oh, okay sure’?


Doctor Who: The Story of Martha

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if you ever worry you’ll do something embarrassing in front of your crush, just remember Dean Winchester stabbed his the first time they met

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9x10 Road Trip

Why was Cas in this episode? It’s one of my favorite Cas episodes of the season, but he didn’t practically speaking contribute anything. He wasn’t required for anything in the plot to work. The only thing he really brought that might have been difficult to swing otherwise was the info (which he’d gotten from Samandriel) that Crowley knew a way to dig into angel brains.

The rest? He brought his wheels, since Gadreel had taken the Impala. He interpreted Gadreel’s Enochian words, got his name and told Dean about his background. He burned off Sam’s tattoo so Crowley could possess him. He healed Sam’s wounds from Crowley’s fiddling. None of that was essential, most of it could have been arranged without him.

And yet he was essential to the episode. He was the backbone of the episode. He was there to give Dean emotional support and boy did Dean lean on him. Dean wore his white-and-pink plaid Emotional Maturity & Openness shirt, it was the last time we saw him in it. This was the episode when Cas and Dean came together again after all the break-up drama of the earlier season, told each other everything, asked and gave forgiveness. I’d say this episode brought them closer together than ever. It was a landmark episode for the profound bond/Destiel, whichever you prefer.

Just take the closing scene at the bridge. Plotwise, Cas didn’t need to be there. It was a heavy emotional scene between the brothers. Cas didn’t do or say anything in the scene other than heal Sam, give the brothers privacy to talk, and look worried and heartbroken when Dean left.

He was there because he’s family. Emotional drama between the Winchesters concerns Cas too now. He’s one of them. He was there to take a few steps on the bridge that Dean needs to cross, to stand there bathed in golden light and show Dean the way.

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“Hey, wait… Where did you get that?!”

 #this is before they get together #castiel started tutoring Dean and one day he sees castiel all beat up #who did this to you Cas?#your so called friends #dean then goes straight to the locker room and beats the shit out of them #later he returns to cas’s side and says #they’re not my friends anymore #dean then grabs cas’s hands and takes him to library to study and other things…. 

all i want from the world is a full fic of this

I’m sorry but I need this I need this more than I’ve ever needed anything please


(I hope this suits your liking!)

It is 3:06 and Cas was late. Dean didn’t have a problem when it came to his being late, but Cas, who was always so punctual and polite and even grammatically correct, was late. By a walloping six minutes too. A record.

Dean sighed and leaned against the wall next to the library, keeping an eye out for his tutor. He could ditch out now, blame it on Cas’s lateness, but Sam would never accept it and would nag and bitch about his grades and what graduation could bring and all sorts of shit. Dean watched the parade of people before him when he saw him- the dark-haired rumpled teen, the one who walked as though he had a rod glued to his spine, the one who stared more intently at people than anyone Dean had even seen before. Besides, if anything, Cas would be disappointed in him. And Cas was… he wasn’t anything like anyone Dean had ever met. He was patient, tough, and sincere. The combination was weird, but in a good way.

“Hello, Dean,” Cas said as he stood before him. Dean gulped, could only think blue, and then smiled, beginning to reply with some shit answer, but then looking to Cas’s left.

Was… was that a bruise? “Who did this to you?” He growled.

Cas tried to pull away, to hide, but it was too late- Dean held his chin, cupped it, really, so he could examine the damage. It was dark and puffy, and looked like the exact shape of someone’s fist. 

“Who did this to you?” It was almost a growl, and Dean flinched a little when Cas looked up at him, eyes wide. Open. Vulnerable. 

“Your..” he hesitates, clears his throat, looks at the floor. “Your friends, Dean. Your teammates- they… they think…”

Dean did not want to hear Cas say what they thought. Because he already knew, had even joined in, sometimes, talking about Cas’s straight-laced attitude, his staring, the way he knew everything about everywhere and everyone. About how he stared mostly at guys. Cas hearing about it, Cas knowing, Cas being hurt by this, burned. Like nothing else Dean had felt before. 

Dean shrugged off his backpack and handed it to Cas. “Hold this, I’ll be right back.”


Cas was torn. He wanted to run, run from the beautiful boy who mocked him, made fun of him, made references he clearly didn’t understand, but the way Dean had looked at Cas… he needed to stay.

If nothing else, he would stick to the plan. He would help Dean Winchester pass History, even if it killed him.

Dean reappeared fifteen minutes later, looked considerably more ruffled than he ever had. Cas rose from his seat, worried, as Dean tried to smooth down his hair. There was some blood at the corner of his mouth. Cas tried not to stare. “Dean…” he whispered, almost shaking. 

“Cas, it’s fine,” started Dean gruffly, and sat down, wincing. Cas couldn’t make himself sit down, to rush to get a Kleenex, something. “I.. those guys? They’re jerks. And I’m sorry they…” He paused. “I’m… they’re not my friends anymore.” He looked up at him, in one of the most honest expressions Cas’d ever seen from him. It startled him. “I’m…”

“It’s okay, Dean.”

“They’re never gonna mess with you again, okay?” He grumbles further, eyes narrowed. “They touch you, they come anywhere near you, I’ll rip their lungs out, alright?”

“That hardly seems necessary,” Cas replied, but smiled. “Thank you, Dean.” He sat down, shrugging his coat off of his shoulders, and hands Dean’s bag across the table. “I thought we would start on Mary, Queen of Scots.”


I had to scroll through 10 pages of dash even in phone forced closed tumblr.
It was worth it.

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Cabaret! Featuring a nervous but charming Osric Chau.


Sam Winchester’s Journal – Entry #73

Since the day Mom died, Dad trained us to be prepared to face every kind of situation and to keep our cool no matter what the circumstances. That’s what being a hunter meant. And you mastered this at a young age if you wanted to make it to your eighteenth birthday. However, there were rare times in my life, where in spite of all the education I received, I was unable to keep control and stave off the panic and confusion. I can count the times on my fingers: when I was almost killed by a lake monster during my first hunt, when Dean left for Hell and later for Purgatory, and…today.

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